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Loftesnes Bridge

Photo: View of the bridge from below with the two pile heads in the fjord; in the right of the image is an embankment with meadows, a fog-shrouded forest and a few houses.
Daten und Fakten
Firma PNC Norge Infrastructure and JV Partner – KA. Aurstad AS
AuftraggeberStatens vegvesen Region West
Stadt/LandSogn og Fjordane - Norwegen
Projektart Brückenbau
Bauzeit11.2015 - 07.2018

A new landmark crossing the Sogndal fjord

Completed in June 2018, a modern steel and concrete structure has replaced the old 1950s bridge spanning the Sogndal fjord. As part of route Rv. 5 in Sogndal, the structure comprises a roundabout as well as cycle lanes and footpaths.

The Loftesnes Bridge is 194m long and is composed of a 15m-tall steel arch with an 80m span. The bridge is supported by four pillars: two buttresses and two pile heads embedded in the fjord. The steel framework was manufactured in Poland and transported by sea before being lifted into position by a floating crane with a bearing capacity of 800t.

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