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Building tunnels is a matter for professionals.

Tunneling is one of the most demanding disciplines in the field of civil engineering. Our team is specialised in this construction technology, among others, and its extensive expertise has been tested internationally. Technical and organisational flexibility, and innovative strength are the top priorities in underground mining. In addition to health protection and workplace safety, the environmentally friendly use of natural resources is paramount.

We have successfully demonstrated our capabilities in all the commonly used tunnelling methods (gripper TBM, open shield, earth pressure balance, and hydro shield), as well as in large cross sections ranging from 6 to 13 metres. We apply our technical expertise to all tunneling methods. Our range of services includes roads, underground railways and railway tunnels, infrastructure buildings for supplying drinking water, district heating pipelines, sewers and cable routes. Our range of services also includes adits, shafts, caverns and the construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Click here for an overview of our projects.

An overview of our projects.