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Our bridges and tunnels connect people.

We are delighted to report that we have already been able to implement a number of prestigious construction projects, thus making a significant contribution to Norway’s infrastructure. As a responsible construction company, our most significant qualities are our expertise and our close cooperation with local partners. Constructions such as the Farris bridge, the Tresfjord bridge or the Bekkelaget wastewater treatment plant constitute long-term improvements to Norway’s infrastructure. We are greatly honoured to have received awards and nominations such as the European Steel Bridge Award for the Loftesnes bridge for our work and we also view these as confirmation that we are giving something of value back to Norwegian society.

The Farris Brigde

Photo: aerial view of Farris Bridge traversing the edge of Farris Lake and a railway line, a rural settlement area in the foreground, panorama of lake and woods in the background.

Location: Larvik - Norway
Type: Bridge building

Loftesnes Bridge

Photo: View of the bridge from below with the two pile heads in the fjord; in the right of the image is an embankment with meadows, a fog-shrouded forest and a few houses.

Location: Sogn og Fjordane - Norway
Type: Bridge building

UBRA Bekkelaget Oslo

Photo: one female and one male employee, wearing work clothes and concentrating on printed documents; at left, the raking system of the existing sewage treatment plant.

Location: Oslo - Norway
Type: Structural engineering