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UBRA Bekkelaget Oslo

Facts and Figures
Company PNC Norge AS, PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal Oslo Municipality, Water and Sewerage agency
Location Oslo - Norway
Type Structural engineering
Runtime 10.2017 - 02.2020

Norway’s second-largest sewage treatment plant

In May 2017, PNC Norge was awarded the contract to expand the sewage treatment plant in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The plant’s increased capacity will allow it to treat the wastewater produced by 500,000 residents, instead of the current 270,000. The project, to be completed by the end of 2020, will be implemented by PNC together with PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA, ZNL Berlin Infrastruktur und Ingenieurbau. The contract value is the equivalent of around 35 million euros.

The wastewater treatment process includes mechanical and biological purification of wastewater, post-treatment by sand filtration, and sludge treatment with thermophilic sludge stabilisation and associated gas processing. Once the plant is complete, all wastewater, rainwater and meltwater (up to 7 m³/s or 850 million m³/year) will be treated.

PNC and PORR are entrusted with the supply, assembly, and start-up of all the mechanical and process engineering aspects for the expansion of the sewage treatment plant, as well as the replacement of some of the equipment in the existing plant. The transport logistics and assembly work will be especially challenging, as almost all of the sewage treatment plant is constructed in underground rock caverns.

The scope of supply and installation includes 14 scraper bridges, 120 different pumps, the membrane ventilation system, a complete lime milk preparation system, more than 20 heat exchangers, nearly 100 stainless steel bodyless shut-off valves, around 1,100 pipe fittings and 14 km of stainless steel pipelines.