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Randselva Bridge

Facts and Figures
Company PNC Norge AS
Principal Statens Vegvesen Region Øst
Location Jevnaker municipality, Viken county - Norway
Type Bridge construction
Runtime 02.2019 - 08.2022

The world’s longest bridge without drawings

Project E16 Eggemoen-Åsbygda connects the existing E16 to Åsbygda, about 50km northwest of Oslo, near Hønefoss. The section cuts through a varied, virgin landscape that crosses the Randselva river and a railway track. Its purpose is to improve the accessibility and safety of traffic for all groups of road users. The project includes around 1.6km of road, the 634m long Randselva bridge, as well as a roundabout.

The Randselva bridge is built as a 13.5m wide concrete box bridge,

partly as a balanced free-structure, and partly with the moveable scaffolding method (MSS). It has a continuous superstructure with a main span of 200m and six piles that vary in height between 5m and 42m. At the highest point, the bridge deck is 55m above ground level.

This Design & Build contract is based solely on BIM models; which makes it the world's longest bridge built completely without drawings, and received the TEKLA Global BIM Award.