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Rugtvedt – Dørdal

Facts and Figures
Company PNC Norge AS
Principal Hæhre entreprenør for Nye Veier
Location Stathelle, Vestfold and Telemark - Norway
Type Bridge building
Runtime 06.2017 - 06.2019

Constructions along the highway

The 16.5km long four-lane stretch from Rugtvedt to Dørdal is a motorway project in Vestfold and Telemark county. The contract was concluded according to the Best Value Procurement method and was signed in May 2017 between Nye Veier and Hæhre Entreprenør AS. As a subcontractor, PNC Norge AS was responsible for the design and the execution of all 24 concrete structures on the project.

The scope of delivery included eight double T-bridges in lengths from 40m to 198m; a one-piece box bridge of 316m, seven transition bridges,

five culverts and three environmental tunnels.

The client’s project achieved CEEQUAL with the grade Excellent, which is the second best ranking. It was the first time in Norway that a complete project from planning to completion has been certified according to the CEEQUAL methodology. The measures taken during construction contributed to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases, improved resilience to greenhouse gas changes and provided good care for third parties as well as the local community.