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Facts and Figures
Company PNC Norge Infrastructure and JV Partner Implenia GmbH
Principal Statens Vegvesen
Location Vestnes municipality, Møre og Romsdal county - Norway
Type Bridge construction
Runtime 11.2012 - 10.2015

Curving across Tresfjorden

Tresfjord Bridge is a 1290m long concrete box bridge that follows a soft U-curve over Tresfjorden in Møre and Romsdal. The opening on October 24 in 2015 made Europavei 136 around 12km shorter, reducing the driving times between Åndalsnes and Ålesund by 20 minutes.

The main span of 160m was built with the free cantilever method, while the side span of 60m length was done with a Movable Scaffolding System. The foundation for the main span was done with two caissons, placed in 20m and 39m depth. The caissons were prefabricated on land, before transported on barges and sunk with the help of water and rocks. Thirteen of the remaining pillars are baed on a foundation that rests on a total of 198 piles.


  • Concrete: 45,000m³
  • Underwater concrete: 2,000m³
  • Membrane and asphalt: 16,000m²
  • Guardrail: 2,600m
  • Handrail: 1,300m
  • Steel pipe piles 219mm in lengths up to 28m (partially installed under water)
  • Steel piles: 198 pcs/ Ø 1,220mm