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Minnevika jernbanebru

Facts and Figures
Company PNC Norge AS and JV Partner Hæhre Entreprenør
Principal Bane NOR SF
Location Minnesund - Norway
Type Bridge construction
Runtime 11.2019 - 03.2023

PNC is building Norway’s longest railway bridge

As part of the Eidsvoll Nord – Langset project, located about 80km northeast of Oslo, the Minnevika railway bridge will be an important section of the upgraded Intercity Dovre line. The bridge crosses the river Vorma just at the end of Lake Mjøsa at an angle of about 45 degrees to the three already existing bridges, while still being the largest and most dominant structure on the stretch. With a total length of 836m spread over 19 spans, the bridge makes it to Norway's longest railway bridge to date. The main span of 100m is specially adapted to Skibladner, popularly called Mjøsa's White Swan,

which is Norway's only wheeled steamer and the oldest ship in regular operation.

The planning for Minnevika bridge is being done with the help of Lean Construction, specifically with The Last Planner System® that involves preparing milestone and phase plans, 6-week look ahead plans, weekly work plans, as well as performance and KPI tracking together with our partners and subcontractors. The process facilitates excellent cooperation and coordination, and drives our mindset focused on continuous improvement.