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PNC Norge AS Hoffsveien 1C 0275 OSLO T +47 906 22 724 office@pnc-norge.no www.pnc-norge.no

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Thank you for your interest in our company. Data protection is of the utmost importance to the CEO of PNC NORGE AS. PNC NORGE AS's websites may for the main part be used without submitting…

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3. Team (Neu)

HR contact at PNC Norge. Nina Kowalczyk nina.kowalczyk@pnc-norge.no

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4. Team (Neu) - Nina Kowalczyk

Nina Kowalczyk Head of HR in Norway and commercial manager. She has worked for a number of years as a commercial and administration manager in medium-to-large construction projects for international…

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5. Team (Neu) - Georg Fillingsnes

Georg Fillingsnes Georg is our man for workplace health and safety. He has worked in health, safety and environment (HSE) management for many years and at various companies, such as Norsk Hydro,…

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6. Team (Neu)

Head of Development Region Nordic Bettina Gerti Groß T +47 90 21 85 50 bettina.gerti.gross@pnc-norge.no

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7. Team (Neu)

Managing Director Mathias Fabich T +47 903 68 661 mathias.fabich@pnc-norge.no

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8. Team (Neu)

9. Team (Neu)

HSE coordinator Georg Fillingsnes Georg.fillingnes@pnc-norge.no

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10. Team (Neu) - Bettina Gerti Groß

Bettina Gerti Groß As head of Business Development, Bettina has worked all over northern Europe and joined PNC Norge in 2014. Since graduating in engineering in 1991, she has been involved in…

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